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                  Greetings! I am one of many crew leaders of CabalArticles, a worldwide Internet writing group. We are able to publish in Spanish and English for multinational net readers, and are ready for articles and other content building for your web-site. Below you may read my resume, and you will be able to read other crew leaders and team members' CV's on this site. At the end of my resume, you are going to find some illustrations of our publicized posts. For job queries, please email us with the contactform on this site and we will answer as soon as we can.

                  Curriculum Vitae
                  Aaron M. Page
                  1554 Hardesty Street
                  Albany, NY

                  Summary of Qualifications
                  Graduated With Special Honors from Columbia University
                  10 years of article writing experience (directly for Electronic readers)
                  Great competency in Latin
                  Dependable, company-oriented staff member with a taste for specifics

                  Work Experience
                  CabalArticles, New York City, NY
                  2001 - Present
                  Writing Team Organizer
                  Accountable for organizing a global group of writers to suit a challenging set of output goals and objectives.
                  - Set records for production, improving productivity by 20% throughout the world
                  - Properly managed absolutely consistent records of project distribution
                  - Handled QA for world-wide production over a considerable group of internet writers


                  Fluent in Latin
                  Sophisticated proficiency using a extensive range of office software


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